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tv   9 News Now at 5am  CBS  February 22, 2011 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> monika samtani will have traffic in a moment. howard bernstein is here with weather first. >> this storm moved quickly mixed with sleet. that caused problems speaking to one of my weather watchers out in herndon. yes, there is a half-inch of snow but underneath, it is the hard, crusty mix causing problems not only on the roads but you have a car that's parked outside. it is going to take a few minutes to scrape that off. a little scraper alert for you folks that park outside on this tuesday morning. >> let's show you what's going on. we'll go to the weather graphics. on live doppler 9000 hd, we've got the severe weather alert flag lifted at the moment. we'll probably be able to pull that here as the snow is pulling away and now, any of the light accumulations are still going to occur east of 95 but west of 9 5, things are fairly quiet except a few snow flurries that are still out in one or two spots. we'll zoom in. you can see west of 95, things are all quiet. here we go. we'll go out here on the
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potomac up toward ashburn and leesburg over to poolesville, some flurries there. same story in montgomery county. just a few flurries left over. only down toward laurel as we head into prince george's and anne arundel counties. some light snow from annapolis down toward davidsonville. the ride on route 50 will be with a couple of snowflakes flying here or there. very light snow down in southern prince george's county. we go to charles county and things are also flurrying down there as well. and into st. mary, it may mix a little bit with the sleet and freezing rain. winter weather advisories until 7:00. they've. >> just been pulled with the warnings along the shenandoah valley. we'll probably lose these in the next hour. temperatures today, they're going into the mid-30s. we'll see some sunshine this afternoon. monika, over to you. >> thanks, howard. good morning, everybody. crews are out dealing with the road conditions about 1,000 trucks in the area. about 500 trucks in virginia and prince george's county. if you see them, give them
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their space. we've got the yellow light because very have several incidents to tell you about. lots of spinouts and an accident on the beltway. we'll take you there first to a map on the inner loop of the beltway south of pennsylvania avenue here at suitland road. it is on the left shoulder and authorities are on the scene. be careful as you head southbound on the beltway after pennsylvania avenue here. over to the district, on the northbound side of i-295 at burroughs avenue. this is in the right lane. let's head over to 395. it is a disabled vehicle on the northbound side at duke street. it has been there for awhile. i guess crews are just -- police are just doing some investigation on what happened here. on the northbound side, your lanes are open and traffic volumes are going to be light. you will be ok past this to the 14th street bridge. we'll take you to the virginia side of things on the beltway basically both loops look good. roads are treated. vdot has been out between 95 and springfield in the american legion bridge. let's go over to 270, some icy
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spots especially on the northern side. but otherwise, major thoroughfares are looking pretty much like this. as you head down from frederick past 121 and down to the point where the lanes divide, you should be ok. in my next report, another look at the inner loop at 5:09. back to you. drivers are having more problems the further north and west they are from the district. >> temperatures have been below freezing the longest there. south of the district, surae chinn is monitoring the conditions in sterling, virginia. good morning, surae. >> good morning to both of you. the snow is tapering off some. and we can see on route 7, we see traffic going by. it is snow-packed. a bit slushy and slippery this morning. so, be careful. make sure you're under the speed limit today because it can be tricky out there. we do have steve shannon with vdot even driving around, monitoring route 7 and from maryfield, talk about your drive up here to sterling. >> well, the further toward
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this end of the county that you come to, out toward leesburg, they've got more snow. there is more slush on the roads. guys did a great job treating the roads now. it is just a matter of people just driving careful. slowing down. you will come up. you may have black pavement. bare pavement and you could come up on slush. so, use some common sense. stay below the speed limit. >> reporter: you guys have some 1700 trucks out. you guys aren't standing down at all. even they we got less than expected. >> we kind of dodged a bullet again which is a good thing. again, the further north you go, the more you got. but we'll keep our vehicles, our equipment through rush hour anyway. we want to make sure the rush hour goes as well as can be. >> reporter: any fatigue from -- it seems like winter came back -- i've seen some birds and springtime weather but are they tired at this point? >> everyone has spring fever. again, this comes with the territory. the guys were ready. we brought them in at 3:00 yesterday to start preparing.
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the shift change at 8:00 last night. so, i'm sure they may be tired but they're doing a good job. >> steve shannon with vdot, not only a call but we get service here to tell us the latest update on virginia roads. back to you, mike, andrea. >> great service indeed! thank you, surae in virginia this morning. one update on our closings list, montgomery county was going to be a two hour delay. it is now closed. at one point last night, traffic reports pretty much north of the district had almost every kind of precipitation falling. on different parts of 270 except for hail. almost everything else. >> let's see how all of that mixture of stuff is affecting drivers this morning. 9news now with jessica doyle joins us live from germantown where the flakes are still blowing around. >> reporter: good morning to you. the flakes are still blowing around. we've got a little bit of wind. not really much to speak of. not really much to speak of in terms of precipitation at this point. still coming down a little bit. not very heavily. let's take a look at the roads
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here. we're here along 118. you can see there is a car right there moving along pretty much at speed. maybe a little bit faster. we've seen convoys of snowplows working the streets this morning. they usually run in four, five groupings. to get these roads cleared so we can all make our way off to work. in terms of what we've seen this morning, we've seen a lot of cars pulling into the gas station at the sunoco here. and when they pull up, they tend to take that moment to clean off their car, lots of scraping, lots of trying to get the snow off. in germtown, i'll say we got anywhere between an inch and a half to two inches here. that's what you're seeing on the trucks, the suvs, cars that are out this morning with people doing their daily commute. i talked to mdot a little while ago. they have about 485 trucks on the road right now in the near inn area. 1600 around the state in general. and you know, with that, guys,
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i'm going to send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jess. live in germantown this morning where it is still snowing. >> you can stay with us for frequent updates on our weather and road conditions. >> but when you can't be near a tv, go to our web site at there, you're going to find the information you need under both the weather and the traffic tabs. >> well, ice appears to have been an issue in a very scary incident in montgomery county airpark. >> fire official called in to report a 2010 engine plane -- a twin-engine plane wobbling on its approach to the runway. the aircraft hit short of the runway, shake up the six people inside. grandparents, parents and 18- month-old twins but all are fine this morning. for the second time in less than a year, a major earthquake has hit the same area in a new zealand city. >> unlike the last big tremor, this time the people of christchurch have not escaped without casualties. we'll have the latest coming up. >> plus it appears to be a case of who caved first in the showdown over wisconsin's state
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budget. we'll be right back.
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still watching a little bit of snow on live doppler 9000 hd because this is a light band and we've got a severe weather alert day at the moment. i'm going to drop that within the last hour. last of the snow is pulling away. you can see from annapolis back toward laurel, minor accumulations still possible. but most of the snow is done. we're looking at 30 degrees or so here at 9:00. low 30s at noon. still mostly cloudy. sunshine this afternoon. driving home, 34. highs in the mid-30s. watch out for the crusty car windows. monika? >> howard, thank you. we have good news on the inner loop of the beltway south of pennsylvania avenue and prince george's county, an accident has been cleared. i'll update you on an accident
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in the district at 5:18. back to you, andrea, mike? >> thank you, monika. making news at 5:10, rescuers in new zealand are trying to dig out survivors after a strong earthquake. >> dozens are trapped after buildings around christchurch collapsed. the 6.3 magnitude quake is the second major one to hit the city of 350,000 people in less than six months. however, the previous one did not cause any deaths. today, the u.n. security council is scheduled to hold a meeting about the unrest in libya. leader muammar gaddafi made a brief statement last night telling people he's still in the country and doesn't plan to leave in spite of the demands of thousands of protestors and resignations by some of his own government officials. >> well, it appears the 14 democratic state senators who left wisconsin last week are not coming back for today's session. that's because they oppose a bill which would eliminate the collective bargaining rights of state workers there. the group's absence means the
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senate can't vote because it lacks a quorum. please stay with us through this morning of winter weather coverage. ahead at 5:57, a look at how much higher the unrest overseas could send our gas prices. >> in sports, a former washington super bowl mvp gets a new job and it is sort of his own job. we'll explain next and 5:15, howard tells us when all of this stuff going to start to melt. he's got your full forecast. keep it here.
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welcome back. 5:14. before we get to weather which is very important as we head through the day, we want to update the list of closings and delays because we keep coming in... federal government is now open but they have the option of unscheduled leave or telework if you would like.
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>> monika and howard's sons are very happy because -- >> they were on a two-hour delay and they changed that. >> it changed. >> we said this before. it is a large county and while when one part it may not -- >> big difference. >> there's two inches plus out there. toward the beltway, probably less than an inch but you also have the crust of ice underneath it. the sleet and everything. temperatures now are in the mid- 20s across much of the county. that's the big problem, too, out west. all of the areas that closed, too. especially south of 66 where we have less than an inch total. you've got the icy build-up underneath the snow. temperatures in the 20s. just not going to melt any time soon enough to make it happen. >> let's show you what's been
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happening during the overnight with the storm system that pushed through. this thing was bookin'! yes, i called for two to four to the metro. we had about an inch. posted this on facebook. feel free to let me have it. i'm glad this one was a little bit lighter. it did move very fast. still, some flurries and snow showers can't be ruled out. as we look at live doppler 9000 hd, you can see north and east of town. this is really where we're seeing the last vestiges of some minor accumulations coming out of howard county, crossing over to annapolis, over toward mcdaniel and easton on the eastern shore and everything is sinking south and east. other than some lingering flurries here for the next hour or two, we're pretty much done. in fact, the weather service has dropped the warning out in the shenandoah valley. i expect these winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings up north which are in effect until 7:00 a.m., they're either going to go at 7:00 or be yanked quickly. when that happens, we'll yank our severe weather alert as well as the problem with the accumulating snows is done but we have all of the slick
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streets. we've got schools, some in session, some delayed. our bus stop forecast, cloudy, cold. low 20s north. some areas far south of town could be in the low 30s, perhaps down to the tappahannock airport. sunrise is 6:51. the day planner today, we'll have cloudy. about 30 degrees here. that's not the upper 20s. in washington, reagan national for the 8:00 hour, still a flurry can't be ruled out. 32 at midday. mid-30s for 4:00. high today about 36. your winds again north at about 9 and 8:00 p.m., 30 degrees with partly sunny conditions. should say partly cloudy conditions. sunset about 5:48. this is part of the problem. everything is frozen with readings in the mid-20s. lower 20s north of town. you've got a lot of icy build- up on your cars if you parked them outside. scraper alert for you folks. 27. still got the flurries. our wind chill this morning, that's running in the mid teens in washington. thanks to a brisk north- northeast wind at 14 miles per
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hour. there is a lot of cold air that has returned across much of the country. although atlanta, still 63. there in the warm sector of the storm. that front is going to be pushing through then. that front which really very quickly moved off. had all of the snow in pennsylvania. had some areas up -- oh, i'm getting word that montgomery county, by the way, still a two hour delay. still a two hour delay. we're going to get to the bottom of this. montgomery county, they're telling me two hour delay. they just called us. ok. two hour delay for montgomery. monika's son and my son will still not be happy at the end of the day unless that changes once again. we're looking at the storm pulling away. we'll see some sunshine this afternoon. here is your next three days. we're going to hear about that one, monika. sun this afternoon. 43 tomorrow for being in the teens and 20s tonight. thursday, late showers. 50. then rain on friday and again on monday. monika? >> i can just hear it now! mom, come on, really? i just got off the phone with
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john lyle of vdot. he said they're focusing on the major and neighborhood streets and focusing around schools as well. they have about 200 trucks out in the district right now. we've got the yellow light that's because we have several things to tell you about. first of all, we'll start with an accident in the district. northbound 295 right here at boroughs avenue. the lanes are blocked on the northbound side. you'll be forced to exit at bening road. take that over to the minnesota avenue and boroughs to get back on to 295. keep that in mind. on the northbound side of 295, lanes are blocked at boroughs avenue. heading over to the outer loop of the beltway, this one just happened. an accident at allentown road right near andrews air force base. we'll take you to the maryland side of the beltway on the outer loop. things are looking fine between 95 and georgia avenue. over to 66 on the inbound side, about 1,000 trucks out right now. close in virginia. 66 looks fine coming in from route 50 and a quick look at northbound 95 volume from the prince william parkway toward
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route 123. another look at the accident in the district at 5:24. back to you. thank you, monika. former redskins super bowl hero is returning to one of the goals. >> plus the captains enjoyed defeating one of their closest rivals on the road. apparently this season, they're pretty good at it. >> before we head to break, it is time to take another look at the question of the morning. >> what do you think the one thing is you can buy just about anywhere except for on the internet? is it a, verizon's iphone, b, girl scout cookies or c, gold. >> here is a look at a posting you left on our facebook page. bennett said it would be girl scout cookies. i know, i tried and we'll tell you if bennett is correct later in this hour. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. this is the last of the very light snows that are still left and flurries here in and around the immediate metro and a line of some very light snow from annapolis back over toward easton. we'll show you what's happening here, a storm quickly pulling off toward the east. had some snow, actually baltimore county north of i-70. we only had about an inch here. by afternoon, highs will go into the mid-30s. watch out for slick spots and crusty car windshields this morning. mike and drea? >> in sports this morning, the
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caps play the penguins for the final time in the regular season last night. >> washington making its first trip to the new arena in pittsburgh. alexander ovechkin has a great look in the first period. mark andrew fleury stops the shot right there. and if i like a little fighting, here you go. time to go. matt bradley flies with his fist. but back to the play. he got his chance. fires one into the net. right there. caps blank the pens 1-0. they sweep the season series 4-0 against the pens. >> doug williams may have a case of deja vu. he's becoming the head coach for a second time. the super bowl 22mvp followed legendary coach eddie robinson from 1997 to 2003. now, williams gets to coach his son, c.j., who will be a freshman this fall. well, it could take a little while for whatever is on your street to melt. howard has more of the forecast
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coming up. >> plus, we'll see how road crews prepared for today's winter weather and is it paying off for commuters? 5:25. here's monday catch the. >> in the district, we have an accident northbound 295 at boroughs avenue. you'll have to follow police direction to get around this. i'll update you on this and other areas to avoid at 5:30. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. 
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>> welcome back to 9news now. i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. thanks a lot for wake up with us. time for the ever-growing list of closings and delays... federal government workers, you are open but you have the option of unscheduled work or telework. unscheduled leave or telework. d.c. schools are opening two hours late.
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monika samtani will have our traffic in just a moment. but we will have howard's forecast first. >> jefferson county, west virginia, is also closed. >> the changes are always at the bottom of the screen. >> exactly. weatherwise, let's get going. that's been confirmed by producer heather. thank you. jefferson county. weatherwise, the snow is exiting stage right. here is live doppler 9000 hd. you can see that little line of some light snow still left over pulling toward the east- southeast through southern anne
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arundel, central prince george's approaching calvert county and the bay. this stuff is fairly light. really not much more than a dusting from that. a few flurries coming through fairfax county. loudoun county, south of leesburg. that may head toward northern charles and southern prince george's county in a little while and even out in d.c., we have a few flurries still lingering. the storm system moved very quickly and yesterday, morning, one to two. two to four at noon. looked like it was going to have some punch but it moved so fast we couldn't really stay with the more moderate snowfall for awhile. look at the temps this morning. low 20s up north. everything is frozen solid. even west where we had maybe half an inch to an inch of snow. a crusty coating of ice underneath that. alexandria, 28 degrees. what we're looking at then today is clouds this morning. the flurries leave. mid-30s by 3:00 for a high and low 30s for the drive home. monika? >> well, you're absolutely right, howard. beneath the snow on my car this morning, there was a thick layer of ice that took me time
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to clear it up. it may take you some time this morning as well. you'll find volumes light all around town. we've had several accidents, i think people need to keep the speed limits down. on the northbound side of 295 right here at boroughs avenue, an accident blocks all lanes. you will be detoured. or forced to exit at bening road to minnesota avenue back to boroughs beyond the accident. keep that in mind. it may slow things down a little bit more than normal. let's take you over to 66 on the inbound side. let's talk about the beltway first. down here on the outer and inner loops of the beltway, we did have icy conditions. they're all cleared. good to go on the southside of the beltway. now over to 66 on the inbound side at business route 234 right lane and right shoulder are blocked with an accident. icy conditions before that and then as you head in toward manassas and centreville, things definitely improve and a quick look at 270 on the southbound side where things are fine. just the volume building here
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in germantown down to the point where the lanes divide. another look at the accident on 295 at 5:39. back to you. thank you, monika. while you slept, plow crews have been treating roads in hopes of avoiding a disastrous rush hour. >> that was the hope. near pittsburgh, pennsylvania, dot, a tough time up there clearing the highways to. complicate matters, the fort pitt tunnels lost power. some back up several miles, about six inches of snow hit the area. >> d.c.'s salt zone looked full last night at the vdot facility. our cameras spotted front-end loaders dumping salt into the city's spreader trucks. the trucks fabbed out around the -- fanned out around the city to put the salt mixture where needed. >> we'll have approximately 1700 pieces of equipment out across northern virginia to include the interstate. >> local vdot manager steve shannon says the crews were called in at 3:00 p.m. yesterday to get things going loading up the salt at the dome
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of van dorn street and alexandria. those trucks and plows were positioned around northern virginia by midnight, he says. now, for a check of the roads in maryland, we go live to jessica doyle who is in germantown. looks like the snow has stopped, jess. >> absolutely, the snow has finally stopped here. here is another sign that things are improving. take a look that the gorgeous, february, chilly sky. that is the moon you see here. we're actually seeing it finally this morning. you can see the cloud cover is kind of lifting. gorgeous site here. it may be cold but at least it is pretty. let me show you a little bit about the accumulation we got overnight. here is the curb here. light, fluffy snow. about an inch, inch and a half. pretty easy to get this off your car this morning. this is not the issue. let me show you what the issue is. down at our feet. this is the sort of ice pack that you're going to find. you're going to have trouble scraping off of your car this morning. if you are as far north as germantown, this area got -- this kind of accumulation.
5:34 am
it, of course, started with a little bit of rain. that froze on the windshield. then we got this slushy mixture that was on top of that and then we got the light, fluffy snow. you're going to want to take a little time to clean off the car. you'll need that. real quick to the roadways, i talked to mdot a little while ago. they have 485 trucks on the road near the washington area. 1600 in total. throughout the state of maryland. treating the roads, obviously keep your speeds down this morning. and with that, guys, i'll send it back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jess. she's live in germantown this morning. one of the first places to report sleet and snow in northern virginia with loudoun county. >> let's see if that early precipitation is leading to more problems this morning. 9news now reporter surae chinn is live in sterling with a look at conditions there. good morning. >> good morning to you. plow trucks are busy. we're seeing them come down route 7 and they've been busy here in the parking lot and this is what an inch of snow will get you. it is light snow but mixed in
5:35 am
with all of the slush and the melting snow, this is what you'll get, a pretty good mound here of an inch of snow in just this one parking lot. route 7, here we go. more plow trucks coming down route 7 here. and we're seeing slippery, slick conditions. they're still snow-packed and look at the cars just speeding down. a bit going too fast with some of the observations, what we're seeing. and the snow is still coming down. it is light. but still falling. and just to show you that spring really is around the corner, guys, i'm telling you, look at the trees here. it is budding. and we heard the birds chirping in the trees and in the bushes. and even though we've got the blast of winter weather, there is some evidence that spring is around the corner but we'll have to get through this one, hopefully it will be our last snowstorm. back to you guys. >> fingers crossed on that, surae, thank you. some of you have been showing us what it looks like where you live.
5:36 am
>> preston is one of our facebook fans who posted a photo on our page. it is a picture of snow-covered route 46 in keyser, west virginia. >> up load your photos to and you can get the latest check of weather, traffic and the closings when you can't be near a tv. >> commuters must wait one more day to try out the area's newest highway. >> plus, dorothy height died last year but the civil rights legend is going to make more history today. [ female announcer ] to do well, kids need to eat well.
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>> looking at live live doppler 9000 hd, you see that we've got a few areas of flurries coming out of fairfax county through d.c., coming over toward charles county again over to
5:39 am
our east. south of annapolis. as far as today is concerned, we'll see some clouds this morning. give way to sunshine. maybe even by midday. afternoon highs in the mid- 30s. monika, over to you. >> thank you so much, howard. good morning, everybody. there is an accident on the eastbound or inbound side of 66 at business route 234. it is blocking the three right lanes right now. need to stay to the left to get by. i'll update you on this and other area roadways at 5:48. >> commuter alert this morning, a reminder for those of you wanting to drive the intercounty connector. the brand new one. opening of phase one has been pushed back because of today's weather. instead of opening at 6:00 this morning, the icc will now open tomorrow at 6:00 a.m. officials held a ribbon cutting for phase one yesterday, the 7- mile stretch which starts at i- 270 in gaithersburg. runs east toward olney. this afternoon, i have the pleasure of emceeing a ceremony in honor of the late dr. dorothy height. the historic u.s. post office
5:40 am
at two massachusetts avenue in northeast next door to union station is being renamed for the civil rights icon. dr. height called the godmother of the civil rights movement, died last april after spending decades championing racial justice and women's rights. she becomes the first black woman to have a federal building in the nation's capital named after her. >> well,ed got a news is our next weather event will be rain. howard has that coming up in his full forecast. >> we'll take a closer look at which area roadways are giving drivers the most problems this morning. >> ok. birthday time now. who's celebrating today? nba hall of famer, one of my idols, julius erving turns 61. david axelrod is 56. he's been on sex and the city and "desperate housewives," kyle maclachlan. >> actress and pitch woman drew barrymore is 36 and singer james blunt is 34 today. we'll be back.
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howard, you have to wait one more minute. >> that's fine. >> because we have yet another everexpanding list of our closings and delays. first up, federal government, you're open but workers, you have the option of unscheduled leave or telework. and in d.c., schools are opening two hours late.
5:45 am
all right. this is a fast-moving storm, howard said zipped out here already. >> it is gone. we had it last night. really, the heart of the snow has accumulated, gone by about 2:00 a.m. lighter snows lingering over the last two, three hours. they're almost out of here. even here in the district, we have an inch or less. there is this icy crust underneath. some of the sleet and wetness that just froze. as the colder air moved in. that's going to cause slick spots on the road and going to cause you extra time as you park outside and have to scrape that crusty ice off your windows before you get going this morning. let's show you what's been happening over the past 12 hours, the snow, the rain, the sleet, all of this mess, that's been pushing across the region. still some snow showers there in south central pa and a couple of lingering flurries here in the metro region. we'll bring you over to live doppler 9000 hd right now.
5:46 am
zooming in here toward western fairfax county. chantilly, this is route 50. some light flurries and light snow showers out there. this is all moving south and east. reston, south of reston really over toward 66, we've got flurries and light snow. nothing that's really going to accumulate over there. we'll continue another trip down a little bit farther south and east as we head over toward charles county, southern fairfax county, another batch of flurries here that have been moving from accokeek to brandywine over toward baden. this is moving off to the southeast. bryans road, you may get clipped by that. same with waldorf. i think for the most part, this will pass just north of la plata as it moves off toward eastern charles and over toward calvert county and in anne arundel county, shadyside, you're almost done with it. you've got flurries still lingering there. as you head south down toward owens and north beach, south of mcdaniel, more toward hillman, this is where we're seeing still a couple of light flurries that are out there. otherwise, things are
5:47 am
relatively quiet across the map here. that is good news. still have winter weather advisories and winter storm warnings officially until 7:00. this storm is done and gone. other than the slick spots and the cleanup we have to do. some of the snow totals, highest have been up north. walkersville, maryland, 4 inches. your bus stop forecast today, well, clouds, mostly cloudy out there. there may be a few breaks. it will be cold. low 20s to low 30s with a 6:51 sunrise and a 5:50ish on the sunset. almost about 11 hours of the daylight. 30 degrees, mostly cloudy. may see a lingering flurry today. i'm sure this will be done. north winds at about 8 miles per hour. 4:00 p.m., 35.
5:48 am
look for a high today somewhere mid, maybe upper 30s with enough sun and by 8:00, we're back down to 30 degrees. we'll have a refreeze. we're down to 19 in frederick and hagerstown. everything is frozen solid here, even south. temperatures are generally in the mid-20s but a better afternoon ahead, sunshine will return. maybe even later this morning. highs in the mid-30s. wednesday, 43. cold night tonight again in the teens and low 20s tonight by thursday though, we warm up to 50 with a late shower. that will set the stage for what looks like a damp friday at 50 degrees. could be more wet weather monday. highs in the mid-50s. it is 5:48. here's monika with timesaver traffic. >> sometimes what happens is with volumes being lighter than normal, speed limits are higher than normal and on a day like today, you do not want to speed because we've had several separate accidents with slippery and icy conditions all over town. do have a bit of good news. on the northbound side of 295
5:49 am
here, the accident has been cleared. if you're planning to head elsewhere right now, on the inbound side of i-66, a live look at business route 234, an accident is in its clearing stages along the right side of the roadway. what we've been hearing it is quite icy west of manassas as we head into man ases, centreville and vienna, the road conditions get better. vdot says they have 1,000 trucks out in virginia. northbound side of i-95, icy conditions. basically between dale city and lorton in the hov lanes. so, you might want to stick to the main line with volumes being lighter than normal, i think you should be ok on the northbound side of 95 in the main lanes. over to the beltway, quickly on the northside of town, where you just got volume from new hampshire avenue to georgia. in my next report, another look around the area at 5:56. back to you guys. >> thank you, monika. as you just heard from her, this storm is making driving difficult across much of maryland this morning. >> joining us this morning is charlie guirscher will from the maryland state highway administration on the phone to
5:50 am
talk about more of the biggest trouble spots they've encountered. good morning, charlie. >> good morning. we just popped up another one along southbound 95 in the vicinity of pennsylvania avenue. a crash there. they were trying to get clear. had the two left lanes blocked. most of the interstates down in montgomery and prince george's county to pretty much bare pavement. there still may be some areas, particularly the higher elevated sections of roadway where you may find slush between the lanes. drive your speed limit. allow extra time, you will be fine. >> monika says the icy crust under what appears to be a little bit of snow and of some our colleagues and some people have been writing into us on facebook that the northern roads were untreated and they have witnessed a lot of spinouts even mike had problems. how soon did you get your crews out? do you feel you got them out
5:51 am
early enough to make a difference? >> we were out at the beginning of this. we couldn't pretreat this time because it did start out as a rainy mixture. so, usually, the pretreating will give us some time but it started out as rain. we even went out in the rain and as soon as it started to switch to sleet, freezing rain and snow, we put the salt down. everything is treated. it is important to highlight it takes our drivers a good hour to do their routes. they have to go back and fill up with more salt and come back and do it again. so, when it comes down to the clip of an inch an hour, at times it may appear the roadway has not been touched but is has. it had a level of treatment on it. so, we saw this morning was a lot of folks that were taking conditions much too fast. of course, we had that incident with the tractor trailer near connecticut that took out pretty much the entire overnight to clear that up. but everything is open there now. >> charlie gischlar, thank you so much. good luck getting things up to
5:52 am
snuff before the morning rush. >> be safe, everybody. making news at 5:52, rescuers fear they'll find more bodies in the rubble of christchurch, new zealand. 65 people died when the 6.3 magnitude tremor shut down buildings across the city of 350,000 people. another major quake hit there last september but then there were no casualties. doctors are trying their best to save a group of seriously-injured children. after a church bus plunged down a hillside in california. the driver of the bus died in the crash. about two dozen kids were on the bus. they're listed in critical condition now. rescue workers had to move the patients down the rest of the way of the hillside to get them to the waiting ambulances below. today, voters in chicago will pick the city's next mayor. the headline candidate is former white house chief of staff rahm emanuel. former u.s. senator carol moseley-braun is also running along with attorney jerry chico and miguel dubai yay. if no one gets 50% of the
5:53 am
votes, there will be a runoff in april. >> we'll answer our question of the day when we come back. >> plus, the turmoil in the middle east is going to hit you at the gas pump. we'll be right back.
5:54 am
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. >> all of the warnings and advisories from our local weather service have just been dropped within the last couple of minutes. eastern shore, we still have some to go there. they come out of the mt. holly office out of philadelphia. you can see on doppler, light flurries still chantilly south of fairfax going into the border with prince george's county and charles county over to calvert. the most part, we're in much better shape. we'll see sunshine returning and high temperatures today making it into the middle 30s. monika? >> all right. we've got an accident, howard on the beltway outer loop at kenilworth avenue. a two-car accident blocking the left lane and left shoulder. i'll talk about this and other spots to avoid in the area at 6:01. mike, andrea? >> ok. time now to answer the question of the morning. >> which was, what is the one thing you can buy pretty much anywhere except for the internet? was it a, the new iphone, girl scout cookies or gold? here is a look at the postings you left on our facebook page. >> he wrote, it is girl scout
5:57 am
cookies. i tried to buy them online. girl scouts would make a lot more money by selling them online. >> kathleen trimble wrote without a doubt girl scout cookies. >> thank you for insisting on our girl's safety when it comes to selling things on the internet. with all of the predators out there, you can never be too careful. >> that is the correct answer. b. girl scout cookies. and while you may be able to find secondhand girl scout cookies on some web sites, girl scout u.s.a. does not officially sell their cookies online as a policy as we just heard in the last posting torque protect their scouts from the threat of online predators. better safe than sorry. >> today, the u.n. security council has scheduled a closed door meeting to discuss libya. >> reports at this point have more than 250 people being killed there in antigovernment protests. which have spread from the eastern city across the country to the capital of tripoli.
5:58 am
libya leader muammar gaddafi says he's not stepping down but some of his ministers have resigned. as gary nurenberg reports, you could feel your effects at the next stop at the gas station. protestors are threatening to shut down libya's oil production and worldwide, crude has spiked in the last few hours. >> they're up about $4 a barrel. which account for 80% of american gas sales. >> a lot of our members were scrambling for product. they were out looking for cheaper product in anticipation of wholesale prices dramatically tomorrow. they want to have the cheapest price on the block. >> we don't know where else it could spread. if it were to go to saudi arabia, could increase ten- fold. it could dramatically change the situation. >> prices have already risen 49
5:59 am
cents and it would -- february. tepically, between february and may, gas prices go up another 50 cents a gallon. gary nurenberg, 9news now. >> i'm andrea roane. >> i'm mike hydeck. we'll get to the latest forecast in a moment. first, what's coming? >> school closings and delays. >> we start with federal workers. they have the option of unscheduled leave or telework this morning. d.c. public schools, you're on a two hour delay. >> in maryland, these schools are closed. allegheny, anne arundel, carroll and frederick. howard, prince george's county and washington counties in maryland. in maryland, these schools are closed.


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